20 years of solutions

Artemis Technologies was founded in 1997 by Mr. John Gilkey, is one of Michigan's leading technology development companies. 

With almost 20 years of experience in the web design and development industry for a variety of sectors, including Convention Bureaus, Cities, Counties, Social Media Portals, Corporations, and Transportation Authorities, among others. We are considered authorities in usability, information architecture, visual communication, businesses processes automation and software development.

Artemis leverages its core software development capabilities in many ways, but most notably in our ability to design and build effective public-facing websites that not only communicate an organization’s brand promise, but also provide rich functionality and back-end integration. Artemis developers are also highly effective at creating custom solutions to target client specific needs. If you or your boss have dreamed something up, run it by Artemis and discover the possibilities ahead.

All of our staff, from consultants to designers, developers and trainers, have extensive experience working with entities in Michigan, across the country and globally. We understand the unique characteristics of providing services to the public at large and our process is designed to make it easy and efficient for committees and organizations to work with us.

What can we do for you?