Looking back to celebrate

20 years is a long time to be helping businesses of all size with solutions to everything from network setup, hosting, web development to intranets, mobile apps and custom created software.

Take a look at technology 20 years ago.

The internet:

  • The internet is a place to quickly look up information and send email.
  • Many places were using dial up connections.
  • AOL faces lawsuits from people who have difficulting connecting with their services.
  • There was no audio or video.
  • Direct broadcast satelite, cable modems and broad-band ISD are all emerging.
  • Google.com domain name is registered
  • Micosoft releases Internet Explorer 3.0 followed shortly by 4.0
  • Facebook come online along with Craiglist and Netflix.


  • DVD is going to be the next big thing.
  • CD roms are widespread
  • CD-RW are introduced
  • Manufactures come out with a computer that costs less than $1,000
  • Apple introduced the Power Macintosh G3 desktop

Digital files and software:

  • PNG is introduced
  • Video cards designed by Intel are released
  • Babel fish is introduced

This is a list is a drastic illustration of how much technology has changed. What most people don't realize is that it happens over time and that there are regular improvements, enhancements and new techology introduced. From the beginning Artemis has been following trends, watching for the new techology and helping clients understand and utilize technology for their business.

It's not just about adding. Look at the list above how many of those things have changed so much since they were launched that trying to use them with today's technology would be impossible. Technology tends to change in small bits across the board incredibly frequently.

We see it as our responsibility to watch the shifts move and to reach out to our clients to make sure their technology is keeping pace with the global transistions. If you aren't making regular enhancements to keep up with technology then you will end up doing a big overhaul every few years. We are here to help you decide what is the best solution for you to ensure your business is successful.

We celebrate 20 years of helping businesses grow.

For fun, check out the way back machine. Put your website in the search bar and then choose a year. Our website was typical for this time period.