Michigan Protection and Advocacy Service

Protecting Rights and Ensuring Freedoms

Michigan Protection & Advocacy Service works to make sure that people with all types of disabilities are treated equally under the law. With a new website and electronic newsletter, MPAS has enhanced their media presence and public outreach while providing a channel for people who are seeking help.

Building an Accessible Website

One of the primary goals of the MPAS website redesign was to ensure that the site would be accessible to users with a wide variety of disabilities.

  • The color palette was tested against many common types of color-blindness.
  • Controls to allow text size adjustment are available on all pages, and adjustments to text size are maintained while browsing.
  • The website is accessible to people who rely on only a keyboard or only a mouse.
  • The website is accessible to people who use screen readers such as JAWS.

Media and Outreach

MPAS’s new website features a newsroom where legal updates, success stories, and public news are posted. Meanwhile, events such as professional trainings, board meetings, and public hearings are also shared.

News stories and events are tagged to Advocacy Topics. This allows site visitors to easily find all of the information related to a cause they support, such as improving the rights protection system.