Small Business Association of Michigan

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The Small Business Association of Michigan (SBAM) is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the specific needs of the small business community throughout the state of Michigan. SBAM boasts a proud number of over 23,000 members in all 83 counties of Michigan. Participating in the entrepreneurial spirit present in thousands of Michiganders since 1969, SBAM serves as a conduit to help their members network, engage in political advocacy, and leverage buying power. It is through this outward-thinking organization that many businesses find the resources they need.

Artemis has had the privilege of working with the Small Business Association of Michigan since 2006. This long-term relationship has resulted in multiple changes to their website: from updated technologies, to modernized designs and user interfaces that continue to leave lasting impressions across the diversity of their members. 

In 2012, Artemis worked on the SBAM Decision Point Tool. This tool is most identifiable by its easy-to-use, Wikipedia-like styling that includes pop-up terms and useful business guides. Through a powerful Full-Time Equivalent Employee Calculator and a Potential Penalties decision tree implemented by Artemis, SBAM is now able to assist small business owners by determining whether they may or may not owe penalties in regards to the Affordable Care Act. 

Additionally, Artemis was able to integrate SBAM’s site to their iMIS member database using a Single Sign On (SSO). This allowed member data synchronizations between DotNetNuke (the site’s platform) and the iMIS database so that user data and permissions could be shared across each system; this means that SBAM or any user only has to update their user information in one place while those changes are automatically updated in the other system. This is extremely beneficial for certain functionalities of the site — like signing up for membership for even upgrading a membership.

Then in 2014, Artemis and SBAM partnered up once again to deliver another great service to SBAM members. Envisioned by SBAM and created by Artemis, a Member Directory was designed and developed. This Member Directory included a locator of registered small business users in the state of Michigan, giving SBAM members the power to seek and contact other members. Pulling from SBAM’s iMIS member database using the previously implemented synchronization, members are able to search in either a list or map view format. A detailed page view of each result is also available and lists important information such as personal and business profiles. A Leadership Council Directory was also designed and functions similarly but only shows members in the SBAM Leadership Council program. These customizations allow further networking of members and is an incredible tool for sharing knowledge and resources.

Similar to the Member Directory and Leadership Council Directory, an Agent Directory was also created. Instead of locating other members, however, the Agent Directory allowed the members to find licensed insurance agents with insurance plan options and prices available through: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Blue Care Network, and Lincoln Financial Group. Agent information is also pulled from SBAM’s iMIS member database. Specific and powerful, members are able to find the people they need to be most successful at their business. 

Most recently (2014), Artemis refreshed the design, user interface, and theme of the site. This design update made several important things possible for SBAM. With the increasing amount of mobile devices used to access the internet, a responsive design was implemented. This responsive design allows their site to be optimized for many different devices without having to generate several websites to accommodate each individually. This saves time, money, and offers a seamless experience to any user, regardless of their device. Set in a simplified and approachable color scheme, SBAM users can find the tools and resources they need in a visually appealing way and by any method.

For the only state-wide and state-based association dedicated to the needs of small business, only a website showing the same level of specialization and customization could do. Artemis’s dedication to customized solutions proved a perfect match for the specialization requirements of SBAM and the community they serve.