Vertical Solutions Company

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Vertical Solutions Company is a one-stop source for all elevator installation needs. Elevator installation tooling, personal protection products, even power and hand tools, are all made available on their eCommerce site. With such a wide array of specialized products geared towards a very specific market, a strong eCommerce site is imperative to successful business. 

Before coming to Artemis, the Vertical Solutions Company website could be considered bulky or cumbersome. Products could not be easily searched for and, even if found, were nestled into a user interface that certainly needed updating. The goal for a redesign was clear: create a stable, reliable, and quality website that, through a simple user interface and an attention to usability, is customer-centered and easy to navigate.

Opencart was chosen as the ideal platform for this project, largely due to its custom configuration possibilities using modules (add-ons). The power of Opencart allowed Vertical Solutions Company to take control of their organization and products without having to compromise navigability. Products were organized into relational categories which allowed them to be shown in hierarchy and with their related items. These products could then be searched through with an advanced "Smart Search" feature provided by Opencart. This search proves to be truly intelligent by having a predictive search function, showing related products, and auto correcting any errors — all before a user has to leave the search bar. Then after a product has been found, powerful modules (like auto generating invoices and personalized, client accounts) make the process of buying and selling a task that seems to manage itself. 

With this simple and powerful platform to lead the way, the design followed suit. A primarily grey color scheme with subtle touches of red and blue echoes the impact of their logotype while maintaining a perfunctory, modern aesthetic. All clutter and unnecessary information was removed which allowed for a large, statement-making splash photo and stronger product photos. On these product photos, the company logo can now be found; a custom watermark solution produced by Artemis and imagined by Vertical Solutions Company. Slight and sophisticated animations on hovers emphasizes content and creates a feeling of movement for what would otherwise seem like a static site.

Tasteful, modern and usable, Vertical Solutions Company website shows both the beauty and power of eCommerce.